Prosthodontic and Multidisciplinary Management of Maxillofacial Prosthesis. A series of Cases

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Mauricio Vivanco Barahona



The objective of this study was to determine the principles of multidisciplinary treatments, and to exemplify multidisciplinary work with 4 clinical cases, treatment of complex patients. The multidisciplinary evaluation, delimits the direction, planning and treatment with discussed and oriented opinions for the benefit of the patient, defining the complemented aspects for the rehabilitation. The multidisciplinary management of patients in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation presents a complex evaluation in relation to planning, prognosis and treatment, where different specialists converge in a synergy of clinical criteria, for a better outcome. The limited resources in the public service encourage the achievement of the best results both with the economic availability of the patient and the service; this limitation also implies a great opportunity to work together. Finally, general criteria and principles of integral treatments are established. For the multidisciplinary team work it is fundamental to maintain the objective of analyzing and managing together the different alternatives involved in the treatment of the cases, medical and dental considerations, phonoaudiology, psychology, kinesiology, among others, to achieve the desired functional and aesthetic result, satisfying and trying to recover the patients integrally.

KEY WORDS: multidisciplinary, maxillofacial prosthesis, prosthodontic management, oral rehabilitation, head and neck cancer.


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VIVANCO, B. M. Prosthodontic and multidisciplinary management of maxillofacial prosthesis: A series of cases. Int. J.Odontostomat., 15(4):797-805, 2021.


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