Prevalence of Supernumerary Teeth in Orthodontic Patients from Southwestern Brazil

2011 • Volume 5 • Issue 2

Francisco Xavier Paranhos Coelho Simoes; Ieda Crusoé-Rebello; Frederico Sampaio Neves; Christiano Oliveira-Santos; Ana Lídia Ciamponi & Omar Gabriel da Silva Filho



The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of supernumerary teeth in a Brazilian pediatric population. One examiner evaluated the presence of supernumerary teeth in panoramic radiographs of 1719 subjects (762 male and 957 female), with ages ranging from 4 to 14.5 years (mean 8.4 years old), from the archive of the Preventive Orthodontic Course of the Rehabilitation Hospital of Bauru, São Paulo. Supernumerary teeth were present in thirty subjects (1.7%, 16 males and 14 females). Difference between sexes was not statistically significant. Twenty-nine supernumerary teeth (96.7%) were located in the maxilla, and only 1 (3.3%) located in mandible. Seventeen supernumerary teeth (56.7%) located in maxilla were mesiodens. The early diagnosis of supernumerary teeth is essential to prevent malocclusion and malposition of permanent teeth demonstrating the importance of panoramic radiographs in their detection.

KEY WORDS: supernumerary teeth, mesiodens, dental anomalies.


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SIMÕES, F. X. P. C.; CRUSOÉ-REBELLO, I.; NEVES, F. S.; OLIVEIRA-SANTOS, C.; CIAMPONI, A. L. & DA SILVA FILHO, O. G. Prevalence of supernumerary teeth in orthodontic patients from Southwestern Brazil. Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(2):199-202, 2011.


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