Pre-Radiotherapy Dental Evaluation Criteria and Treatment Needs of Oral Side Effects after Head and Neck Radiotherapy

2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 3

Wilfredo Alejandro González-Arriagada; Alan Roger Santos-Silva; Marco Aurélio Carvalho de Andrad; Rogério de Andrade Elias & Marcio Ajudarte Lopes



The objective of this review is to present pre-radiotherapy evaluation criteria and the main needs for treatment of these patients after the radiation therapy. Were revised articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese language between 1995 and 2009 indexed in Pubmed and Scielo. The keywords were oral cancer and radiotherapy, complications in head and neck radiotherapy, oral pre-radiotherapy evaluation.The adverse complications of radiotherapy in head and neck area could be temporary or late. The late effects, such as radiation caries and osteorradionecrosis could be directly associated with the fact that previous dental evaluation was not performed and can severely affect the post-operatory quality of life. The participation of the dentist in the multidisciplinary team and dental evaluation of the patients that will receive radiotherapy in the head and neck area are of vital importance to improve the post-operatory quality of life of these patients.

KEY WORDS: radiotherapy, head and neck cancer, adverse effects, treatment needs.


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GONZÁLEZ-ARRIAGADA, W. A.; SANTOS-SILVA, A. R.; CARVALHO DE ANDRADE M. A.; ELIAS, R. A. & LOPES, M. A. Pre-radiotherapy dental evaluation criteria and treatment needs of oral side effects after head and neck radiotherapy. Int. J. Odontostomat., 4(3):255-266, 2010.


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