Permanent Teeth Maturation in 3-6 Year Old Venezuelan Children: Applicability in Dental Age Estimation with Forensic Purposes

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 3

Alice Leonela Carrizo; Maira Lisbet Quevedo-Piña & Ana Isabel Ortega-Pertuz



The objective of this work was to study the maturation of permanent teeth in Venezuelan children between three and six years, and its applicability in the estimation of dental age (DA) for forensic purposes. A descriptive, retrospective, cross-sectional and field study was carried out. The sample consisted of 107 panoramic radiographs of Venezuelan individuals (56 females and 51 males). The stages of maturation were assigned to the permanent teeth of the four quadrants according to the original Demirjian et al. (1973) method, while the DA was calculated by Demirjian´s et al. method and its modifications (Demirjian & Goldstein, 1976), Willems et al. (2001) and Chaillet et al. (2005). It was found that females reached the maturation stages at younger ages than males. The overestimation of the chronological age (CA) by all methods was observed in the total sample, being the method of Chaillet et al., the most accurate. When studying the sexes separately, the method of Chaillet et al., presented the lowest CA-DA difference for males and Chaillet et al., in females. The method of Demirjian et al., showed the greatest CA-DA difference for both sexes. The methods of Chaillet et al. and Willems et al. are applicable for age determination purposes in the studied sample, its utility being sex dependent.

KEY WORDS: forensic dentistry, dental maturation, dental age, age estimation by teeth.


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CARRIZO, A. L.; QUEVEDO-PIÑA, M. L. & ORTEGA-PERTUZ, A. I. Permanent teeth maturation in 3-6 years old Venezuelan children: applicability in dental age estimation with forensic purposes. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(3):430-441, 2020.


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