Periradicular and Peri-Implant Lesions Associated with Apical Impact of Osseointegrated Implants in Tooth Roots: Clinical Case Reports

2024 • Volume 18 • Issue 1

Veronica de Mello Soares Frauches; Eduarda Calisto de Almeida & Fabiano Luiz Heggendorn



This clinical case report aims to describe the development of periradicular and perimplant cystic lesions resulted from the intimate contact of the apical region of osseointegrated implants of dental roots, and discuss the reasons for failure of the guided bone regeneration procedure associated with platelet rich fibrin and leukocytes, this process was used to the treatment of the first case. Case Reports. Three cases were reported, two cases described the close contact between the tooth roots and the osseointegrated implants and another with a distance of 1.08 mm. All cases realized a radiographic, and they had not periapical lesions before contact with the apical region of the osseointegrated implants on the roots of the teeth. In the case with the largest cystic extension, the procedure was: removal of the osseointegrated implant with apicectomy of the neighboring teeth, excisional biopsy of the lesion, and grafting using the technique of guided bone regeneration associated with L-PRF. All three cases, endodontic treatment was performed on the neighboring teeth within 2 years of survival of the osseointegrated implants in order to reverse the existing lesion. Results. The diagnostic hypothesis of the three cases was periradicular and peri-implant lesion, arising from a contact of the apical region of the osseointegrated implant with the adjacent tooth. The distance of 1.08 mm between the apices did not ensure normality of the periradicular and peri-implant tissues. The intimate contact caused lesions of different extents and root fractures. Conclusion. Premature contact of the osseointegrated implant with the root region of the neighboring tooth may lead to the development of periradicular and peri-implant lesions, suggesting that it is not possible to control this infectious process with endodontic treatment of the injured tooth.

KEY WORDS: Cystic lesion, L-PRF, root facture, implant failure.


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FRAUCHES, V. M. S.; CALISTO DE ALMEIDA, E. & HEGGENDORN, F. L. Periradicular and peri-implant lesions associated with apical impact of osseointegrated implants in tooth roots: clinical case reports. Int. J. Odontostomat., 18(1):100-108, 2024.


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