Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma – A Clinical Report

2011 • Volume 5 • Issue 2

Bianca Nazareth; Harshwardhan Arya; Salman Ansari Ritika Arora & Ritika Arora



Localized growths are commonly seen on the gingiva. Many of these enlargements are considered to be reactive rather than neoplastic in nature. Clinically differentiating one from the other as a specific entity is often not possible. Histopathologic examination is needed in order to positively identify the lesion. The peripheral ossifying fibroma is one such lesion. We report in this study, the clinical report of a 20-yr-old male patient with a peripheral ossifying fibroma in the maxilla exhibiting significant size with the disease duration of 1 year. The signs of recurrence in spite of thorough excision and debridement exposed the need for further study of the causes of recurrence and possible modes to avoid the situation. Clinical, radiographical and histological characteristics are discussed and recommendations regarding treatment and followup are provided.

KEY WORDS: peripheral ossifying fibroma, gingival enlargement, peripheral cement ossifying fibroma, gingival overgrowth, fibrous hyperplasia.


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NAZARETH, B.; ARYA, H.; ANSARI, S. & ARORA, R. Peripheral ossifying fibroma – A clinical report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(2):153-156, 2011.


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