Penetration and Diffusion Capacity of Intra-duct Medication in Dentinal Tubules, Lateral Canals and Isthmus. A Systematic Review

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

Luis Felipe Jiménez Rojas; María Del Pilar Juarez & Flavio Rodrigues Ferreira Alves



The objective of endodontic therapy is to treat or prevent apical periodontitis. The effective elimination or reduction of the microbiota is essential for periapical repair. Due to this, the use of intracanal drugs is used to chemically treat the root canal system, and the penetration and diffusion capacity of said drug becomes relevant to come into direct contact with the microorganisms that penetrate inside the dentinal tubules, lateral canals and isthmus. A literature review was carried out in electronic databases with the search engines “Pubmed, Scielo and Google Academic”, using keywords to identify the relevant published literature in English. The analysis and eligibility criteria were documented according to the reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyzes (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, PRISMA). No restrictions were placed on the date of publication. Data on intracanal drug diffusion capacity in dentinal tubules, lateral canals and root isthmus were collected and subjected to descriptive data analysis. The bibliographic search in electronic databases according to the inclusion criteria yielded 45 titles and abstracts. Among them, 7 articles were selected. A highly variable drug penetration range was determined, between 27.7 – 2350 µm and a diffusion range of 200-500 µm. There are few published studies that report the penetration and diffusion capacity of intracanal medication. The vehicle used and the diameter of the particles in the preparation of the drug and the elimination of the waste layer would increase the penetration / diffusion capacity of the drug within the dentinal tubule, lateral canals and isthmus.

KEY WORDS: Lateral canal, root isthmus, intracanal medication, penetration, diffusion, dentinal tubule.


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JIMÉNEZ, R. L. F.; JUAREZ, M. P. & FERREIRA, A. F. R. Penetration and diffusion capacity of intra-duct medication in dentinal tubules, lateral canals and isthmus. A systematic review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(3):727-733, 2021.


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