Palate or Tuberosity, Which is the Best Donor Site for a Soft tissue graft? A Systematic Review

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 4

Edwin Ramos-Pilco; Yesica Condori Salinas & Marco Antonio Alarcón



The objective of the study was to compare, through a systematic review, the clinical results of periodontal / peri-implant plastic surgery (CP) procedures with autogenous soft tissue graft (ITB) obtained from the lateral palate area (ALP) versus the tuberosity area (AT). We conducted an electronic search of clinical trials in the Medline/Pubmed, Cochrane database and the journals of Periodontics and Implants with the greatest impact according to the Web of Science, to find articles published until April 2020. The risk of bias of the articles added was assessed according to the Cochrane Manual Version 5.1.0 for randomized clinical trials and the Newcastle-Ottawa scale for controlled clinical trials. From the initial sample of 930 articles, four clinical trials were included (three randomized) in the present study, where a total of 87 PC were performed around dental pieces and implants, of which 42 surgeries were performed with ITB of the ALP and 45 surgeries with ITB of the AT, the results were evaluated from the 8 weeks to 12 months. No statistically significant differences were found in the clinical results between the two groups, the gingival phenotype in the receiving area was improved for the group that obtained the ITB of the AT and the level of pain at the donor site was lower in the first two weeks than the ALP donor site. The studies showed a lowrisk of bias on average. Both soft tissue graft donor areas provide similar clinical results, grafting the tuberosity area improves the gingival phenotype of the recipient area and reduces post-operative pain of the donor site in the first few weeks.

KEY WORDS: dental implants, palate, connective tissue, autograft, gingival recession.


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RAMOS-PILCO, E.; CONDORI, S. Y. & ALARCÓN, M. A. Palate or Tuberosity, which is the best donor site for a Soft tissue graft? A systematic review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(4):602-609, 2020.


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