Osteochondroma of Mandibular Ramus and Condylar Neck: Simultaneous Resection and Reconstruccion with Personalized Alloplastic Joint Prosthesis

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 3

Gonzalo Martinovic Guzman; Andrea Paz Carmona Avendaño; Cristobal Rueda Lama & Carlos Plaza Alvarez



Osteochondromas are benign osteogenic tumors that can attain great size, which may require resection and additional treatment to restore the jaw’s shape and function. In this report, an osteochondroma located on the mandibular ramus and neck of the condyle was resected and reconstructed simultaneously through a total joint replacement. After the surgery, the patient remains asymptomatic and recovers opening and closing ranges, phonation and the masticatory function. The immediate reconstruction after resection is a good alternative to avoid a second operation and the presurgical virtual planning ensures the complete removal of the lesion using cutting guides and covering the entire defect with a customized alloplastic joint prosthesis.

KEY WORDS: osteochondroma, personalized alloplastic joint prosthesis, total joint replacement, benign osteogenic tumor.


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MARTINOVIC, G. G.; CARMONA, A. A. P.; RUEDA, L. C. & PLAZA, A. C. Osteochondroma of mandibular ramus and conylar neck: Simultaneous resection and reconstruccion with personalized alloplastic joint prosthesis. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(3):363-366, 2020.


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