Orthodontic Movement in Patients with Reduced Periodontium

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 1

Holmberg, Fernando; Sandoval, Paulo & Holmberg, Felipe



In this work are presents a clinical offer of intervention in children based on the experience of four years of pilot application of therapies pre-orthodontics in the La Frontera University in the patients who are attended of fourth and fifth year of the Dentistry, as well as the early intervention in the consultory private of the authors. The bases are delivered for the diagnostic suitable one and later treatment, as well as the development of the used method. First the managing of nonnutritive habits, then the frontal traction and finally the managing of the refill in patient class I, they are checked for a therapy, simple efficient and economic, which allows to be used as tool of interception in Orthodontics in patients in growth. The experience of four years of application allows to conclude that in spite of the simplicity of the therapies, it needs of the collaboration of the patient and the comprehension of the parents. Those patients who use of good way his devices obtain spectacular results then the relation with the parents and the motivation to the children they are fundamental elements at the moment of deciding to treat a child with trainers, mask of traction or dynamic stop of space. In spite of the fact that does not avoid in all the patients the treatments of corrective orthodontics, the conditions of the tissues are improved for a future intervention of the specialists, beside educating the patient in the care in oral health.

KEY WORDS: reduced periodontium, periodontics, orthodontics.


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HOLMBERG, F.; SANDOVAL, P. & HOLMBERG, F. Orthodontic movement in patients with reduced periodontium. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(1):21-26, 2008.


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