Oral Health Status of Elderly Bedridden

2012 • Volume 6 • Issue 2

Muñoz A, Daniela; Flores A, Pricila; Cueto U, Alfredo; Barraza S, Alan

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-381X2012000200011


The purpose of this study was to describe the oral health in bedridden patients on the basis of COP, PSR, toothlessness, mucosal injuries, prothesis and mouth hygiene. A transverse study with a probabilistic sample with proportional fixation, according to geographical distribution and gender, obtained of the list of the people in the Program of Domiciliary Attention to Bedridden of the Municipal Corporation of Valparaiso. The patients were interviewed and examinated. We examined 78 severely bedridden patients, 64.1% women and 35.9% men of an average age 83.9 and 79.7 years respectively. The registered COP was 29.91 (±2.52) (IC of 95 % = [29.06 – 30.76]); with an index of decay 1.60; filled 0.51; and missing, 27.79. Periodontal condition was highly deteriorated by 78.8% of teeth with loss of clinical insertion larger than 3.5 mm, 15.2% of code 4; 36.5% of code 3; and 48.5% of code 2 of PSR. The injuries of soft tissues affected 52.5% of the sample, the vascular type (venous lake) being more prevalent with 25%, followed by 23.21% of denture stomatitis. 51.3% was completely toothless. As for distribution of the tooth, in maxilla and mandible, the most frequent finding was Kennedy´s Class I (50% and 63.9%). Only 43.6% was using their acrylic prostheses. We found an extremely damaged condition of oral health in this group, with small possibilities of being recovered, principally due to the diminished systemic conditions that they present and to the lack of coverage of the programs of oral health for these persons.

KEY WORDS: frail elderly, diagnosis, oral, bucal.


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MUÑOZ, A. D.; FLORES, A. P.; CUETO, U. A. & BARRAZA, S. A. Oral health status of elderly bedridden.Int. J. Odontostomat., 6(2):181-187, 2012.


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