Odontogenic Keratocyst: Eight-Year Follow-Up After Conservative Treatment

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 2

Daiana Cristina Pereira Santana; Juliana Jorge Garcia; Liliane Elze Falcão Lins Kusterer; Sandra de Cássia Santana Sardinha & Weber Ceo Cavalcante



This study aimed to describe the conservative surgical management of odontogenic keratocyst, comparing with clinical and demographic findings in the literature, based on a literature review, using the quality criteria established in the literature for clinical cases and case series. We searched for cases of keratocysts published in four databases. We selected cases of patients followed up at least one year after sugical treatment. We described the case of a patient who was asymptomatic, and the lesion was detected by routine radiographic examination. At the same surgical time, we enucleated the lesion, followed by curettage and drain installation. Currently, there are no signs of disease recurrence. We followed the CARE guidelines (Case Report Guidelines), in this report. Literature review disclosed 27 cases. Keratocyst was frequent in male-adult patients, and the mean follow-up time after surgery was 46.7± 28.1 months. The main clinical findings such as association with teeth, location, extension of lesion, and radiographic pattern corroborate the classic pattern of described cases reported by literature with a low general rate of recurrences. In conclusion, conservative treatment was successful for the clinical case described, over an eight-year follow-up. Most of the described studies did not show lesion recurrence after using the conservative surgical treatment. However, we draw attention to the importance of the long follow up period of our case.

KEY WORDS: keratocyst, odontogenic cysts, odontogenic tumor, case report.


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SANTANA, D. C. P.; GARCIA, J. J.2; KUSTERER, L. E. F. L.; SARDINHA, S. C. S. & CAVALCANTE, W. C. Odontogenic keratocyst: Eight-Year follow-up after conservative treatment. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(2):520-525, 2021.


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