Natal Teeth, Case Report and Review

2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 2

Claudia Fierro Monti; Lorena Bravo Rivera; Francisca Torres Chianale; Camila Álvarez Helle & Ma Antonieta Pérez Flores



Natal and neonatal teeth should be evaluated carefully, considering their mobility, integrity and the presence of an ulcer (Riga Fede) on the ventral surface of the tongue caused by his brush with the tooth. Natal teeth may resemble normal primary dentition in size and shape, however, may also smaller, conical, with hypoplasic enamel and dentin, with little development or absence from their roots. Most of these teeth are not temporary and does not require removal in all cases. It is essential periodic monitoring of a pediatric dentist. This article presents a case report and review the epidemiology, etiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis and the management of natal teeth.

KEY WORDS: natal teeth, neonatal teeth.


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FIERRO, M. C.; BRAVO, R. L.; TORRES C. F.; ÁLVAREZ, H. C. & PÉREZ, F. M. A. Natal teeth, case report and review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 4(2):105-110, 2010.


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