Nanodentistry: the Future of Dentistry Based on Nanotechnology Systems

2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 2

Mario Cantín L.; Cristian Vilos O. & Iván Suazo G.



The unprecedented scientific development achieved in recent years by the nanotechnology has created a new dimension in the technological, medical and economic development set a global impact. Advances in strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases foresee an important role of the nanotechnology in the emerging field applied to dentistry called nanodentistry. Among its highlights the main challenges to achieve a better understanding of the pathophysiological bases of diseases, new diagnostic strategies, and development of highly effective therapies. Nanotechnology shows to be the path of evolution, and development of dentistry in the 21st century. This article presents the trends and challenges of nanotechnology applied to dentistry, provides an overview of nanodentistry development and its future impact.

KEY WORDS: Nanodentistry, dentistry, nanoscience, nanotechnology.


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CANTIN, M.; VILOS, O. C. & SUAZO, G. I. Nanodentistry: the future of dentistry based on nanotechnology systems. Int. J. Odontostomat., 4(2):123-126, 2010.


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