Microphthalmia and Retinoblastoma: the Importance of the Early Diagnosis in the Ocular Losses Prevention

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 2

Marcelo Coelho Goiato; Marcela Filié Haddad; Daniela Micheline Santos; Aldiéres Alves PesqueiraPesqueira & Paula do Prado Ribeiro



Microphthalmia is regarded as an exaggerated smallness or absence of the eyeball and Retinoblastoma as the most frequent children’s eye malignant tumor, which may lead to the eyeball loss if not diagnosed early. The ocular losses are embarrassing to their carriers because they are related to the face, an area in which the sense organs, essential in the human relations, are. This paper aims at showing the importance of the prevention and the reports of microphthalmia and retinoblastoma-rehabilitated children’s clinical cases by the use of ocular prostheses.

KEY WORDS: microphthalmia, retinoblastoma, oncology, diagnosis, ocular.


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GOIATO, M. C.; HADDAD, M. F.; SANTOS, D. M.; PESQUEIRA, A. A. P. & RIBEIRO, P. P. Microphthalmia and retinoblastoma: the importance of the early diagnosis in the ocular losses prevention. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(2):109-112, 2009.


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