Manipulation of the Oclusal Plane in Orthognathic Surgery: Facial Considerations

2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 1

Olate, Sergio & Chaves Netto, Henrique Duque de Miranda



Occlusal plane has been an important element in orthognatic surgery during these last 20 years. The primary investigations have shown that facial characteristics are highly associated to mandibular positioning. Thus, occlusal plane rotation allows an acclusal plan different from the initial one, even as vertical and anterior-posterior positioning more favorable en endings of aesthetic. Besides the studies carried through to measure y to characterize these movements are limited, they are favorable. They have demonstrated that occlusal plane rotation versatile y stable, being useful en different types of facial deformities. The meaning of this work are identify the more important characteristic about occlusal plane rotation as well analyze the most cited articles in the literature.

KEY WORDS: occlusal plane, occlusal plane manipulation, mandibular rotation.


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OLATE, S. & CHAVES NETTO, H. D. M. Manipulation of the oclusal plane in orthognathic surgery: facial considerations. Int. J. Odontostomat., 4(1):23-32, 2010.


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