Mandibular Ameloblastoma in a 10-year-old Child: Case Report and Review of the Literature

2012 • Volume 6 • Issue 3

Belardo, Edgar; Velasco, Ignacio; Guerra, Andrés; Rosa, Edwin



The ameloblastoma according to the classification of odontogenic tumors by WHO in 2005, is classified as a benign neoplasm of odontogenic epithelial origin. One to three percent of tumors and cysts of the jaws are comprised of ameloblastomas. The tumor is locally aggressive, but often asymptomatic, showing a slow growth which is manifested as a facial swelling or radiographic incidental finding. On clinical examination, the tumor can cause symptoms such as pain, ulceration, tooth mobility, root resorption and malocclusion. Ameloblastomas have a high rate of recurrence if not completely removed. It occurs in almost all age groups, but is mainly diagnosed in the third or fourth decade of life. The tumor is very rare in children. We present an unusual case of a solid/multicystic ameloblastoma of the mandible in a 10-year-old girl. In addition, a brief review of the literature on reported cases of this pathology in children is also presented.

KEY WORDS: solid ameloblastoma, multicystic ameloblastoma, odontogenic tumor, children.


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BELARDO, E.; VELASCO, I.; GUERRA, A. & ROSA, E. Mandibular ameloblastoma in a 10-year-old child: case report and review of the literature. Int. J. Odontostomat., 6(3):331-336, 2012.


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