Main Diagnostic Criteria of the New Classification of Conditions and Periodontal Diseases

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 1

Paola Cárdenas Valenzuela; Dalia Abril Guzmán Gastelum; Eligio Valera González; Juan Carlos Cuevas González; Graciela Zambrano Galván & Alma Graciela García Calderón



Having a classification of periodontal conditions and diseases is a very useful tool for clinicians by providing a systematic guide to different manifestations of periodontal issues. The 2017 classification of periodontal diseases and conditions has as one of the main characteristics the division of the Periodontitis group classified by stage, which assigns the severity and complexity of the treatment, and by grade, which refers to the rhythm of progression and the risk of future relapse; periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic conditions and necrotizing periodontal diseases. As well as the featuring of peri-implant health and diseases. A more didactic route of diagnostic will be given in this publication and the main differences between the last two classifications will be explained, while we share the experience of implementing this new classification in our institute.

KEY WORDS: periodontitis, chronic periodontitis, periapical.


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CÁRDENAS, V. P.; GUZMÁN, G. D. A.; VALERA, G. E.; CUEVAS, G. J. C.; ZAMBRANO, G. G. & GARCÍA, C. A. G. Main diagnostic criteria of the new classification of conditions and periodontal diseases. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(1):175-180, 2021.


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