Local Flaps in Facial Reconstruction. Treatment Alternatives

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 2

Claudio Huentequeo M.; Saul Siso C.; Alejandro Unibazo Z.; Daniel Pino D.; Juan Pablo Alister H.; Cristopher Mayer O. & Sergio Olate



Skin face defects are frequently sequels of basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, melanomas, and large benign tumors or soft tissue trauma. Aesthetics units and subunits of the face, texture, color, and other parameters must be considered in the local flaps reconstructive planning. This review article aims to describe and define the most relevant techniques of facial local flaps in facial reconstruction and their current algorithms, regarding the unit or subunit, involve, their aesthetics considerations and complementary surgery. The aesthetics units and subunits of the face are divided into forehead, eyelids, cheek, nasal, lips, and chin. There are several well-known concepts and flaps used in these proceedings as rotation, island, advancement, and transposition flaps, and they are the basis for facial local flaps; The most relevant are: forehead flap, cheek advancement, and rotate flap; rhomboid, cervicofacial and bilobed flap, nasolabial flaps. The flap election depends on the zone and unit involve; it is important to choose the lines, sulcus, and borders of these units when is possible to enhance these aesthetics outcomes. These concerning improve the aesthetics outcomes and reduce the aesthetics sequels. Complementary surgery and aesthetics proceedings may accomplish a good camouflage of some aesthetics complications or sequels.

KEY WORDS: Local flaps, local flaps in facial reconstruction, facial aesthetics units, facial reconstructive surgery, facial skin cancer


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HUENTEQUEO, C. M.; SISO, S. C.; UNIBAZO, A. Z.; PINO, D. D.; ALISTER, J. P. H.; MAYER, C. O. & OLATE, S. Local flaps in facial reconstruction. Treatment alternatives. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(2):538-550, 2021.


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