Influence of Prolonged Tooth Bleaching on Enamel Mass Variation

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 3

Mara Eliane Soares Ribeiro; Heitor Sales de Barros Santos; Juliana Costa Pereira Baia; Roberta Pimentel de Oliveira; Mário Honorato da Silva e Souza Júnior & Sandro Cordeiro Loretto



The objective evaluate was the influence of prolonged tooth bleaching with 10 % carbamide peroxide (10CP) on tooth enamel mass variation. Ten healthy bovine incisor teeth were divided (n = 5) into G1 – storage in distilled water and G2 – storage in artificial saliva. The samples were weighed in an electronic analytical balance at the following times: T0 – before application of the bleaching gel, T1 – after 14 days of bleaching (the time recommended by the manufacturer), T2 – after 21 days of bleaching (50 % increase in the time recommended by the manufacturer), and T3 – after 28 days of bleaching (100 % increase in the time recommended by the manufacturer). The data were subjected to ANOVA for related samples (p = 0.05). The highest mean was observed in G2 (0.5982 g) and the lowest mean was observed in G1 (0.3074 g) at T2 and T3, respectively. Significant differences were observed between the groups at all times. Overall, 10CP caused variation in the enamel mass after a 100 % increase in the use time recommended by the manufacturer, with a decrease in mass when distilled water was used as the storage medium and an increase when artificial saliva was used.

KEY WORDS: tooth bleaching, tooth enamel, peroxide, in vitro.


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RIBEIRO, M. E. S.; SANTOS, H. S. B.; BAIA, J. C. P.; OLIVEIRA, R. P.;SOUZA JÚNIOR, M. H. S. & LORETTO, S. C. Influence of prolonged tooth bleaching on enamel mass variation. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(3):305-309, 2019.


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