Influence of Diameter and Length of Implant on Late Dental Implant Failure

2012 • Volume 6 • Issue 1

Ortega Lopes, Rafael; Olate, Sergio; Ferreira Noia, Claudio; Chaves Netto, Henrique Duque de Miranda; Moraes, Marcio de; Mazzontetto, Renato



The aim of this research was to describe the influence of diameter and length of dental implant related to late implant faliure. In a retrospective study was evaluated 375 patients in a 11 year period; were inclued the complet medical record with image study in the preoperative period, posteriorly to implant installation and to prosthesis installation. The implant was classified according to diameter in narrow, regular and wide, and according to length as short, regular and long. The statistical analysis was realized with Chi-Squaare test with p value <0.05. We studied 939 implants and observed 55 implant failure posteriorly to prosthesis phases (5.8%). No statistical relation with diameter (p=0.475) or lenght (p=0.064) was observed. We conclude that the length and diameter of dental implant is not an influence for late failure of the implant.

KEY WORDS: dental implant, late failure, implant survival.


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ORTEGA-LOPES, R.; OLATE, S.; NOIA, C. F.; CHAVES NETTO, H. D. M.; MORAES, M. & MAZZONETO, R. Influence of diameter and length of implant on late dental implant failure. Int. J. Odontostomat., 6(1):77-80, 2012.


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