Giant Cell Fibroma in Older Infant. A Case Report

2018 • Volume 12 • Issue 2

Francisco Villavicencio Ventura; Jesús Luengo Fereira; Martha Hernández Montoya; Edgar Reyes Méndez; Obed Lemus Rojero & Heraclio Reyes Rivas



The giant cell fibroma is a benign nonneoplastic fibrous tumor of the oral mucosa. It occurs in the first three decades of life and is relatively rare in pediatric patients. It can be found predominantly in the mandibular gingiva, showing predilection for females. Clinically it presents as a painless, sessile, or pedunculated growth which is usually mistaken for other fibrous lesions like irritation fibroids. Histologically it is distinguished by the presence of stellated fibroblasts along with multinucleated giant cells near the epithelial sheet. We present a case where a one-year-old female patient presented with a painless nodular growth in relation to a palatesurface of 51 and 61. Considering the size and location of the lesion, excision and biopsy were performed and sent for histopathological analysis which confirmed the lesion as giant cell fibroma.

KEY WORDS: giant cell fibroma, oral mucosa, pediatric patient.


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VILLAVICENCIO, V. F.; LUENGO, F. J.; HERNÁNDEZ, M. M.; REYES, M. E.; LEMUS, R. O. & REYES, R. H. Giant cell fibroma in older infant. Int. J. Odontostomat., 12(2):93-96, 2018.


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