Evaluation of the Effect of Arginine Gel on pH and Salivary Flow

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Juan Gerardo Sánchez Medina; Othoniel Hugo Aragón Martínez; Juan Antonio Cepeda Bravo & Saray Aranda Romo



The effect of an arginine gel on pH and salivary flow was evaluated after fourteen days of use in women with mild demineralization. A controlled pilot clinical trial was established in which 20 women aged 18-23 years, systemically healthy and with at least one dental organ with demineralization ICDAS 3 were included, two groups: Group A / without arginine (N = 10) and Group B / with arginine (N = 10). A clinical evaluation was carried out, and a sample of unstimulated saliva was taken to determine the pH and the measurement of salivary flow at the beginning and 15 days after using the gel. Statistical analysis was performed with the GraphPad Prism version 8 program. A p <0.05 was considered statistically significant. In both groups, salivary pH was maintained close to neutrality without statistically significant differences, and salivary flow remained at normal values after using the hydrogel for 14 days, although statistically significant differences were observed in the intergroup comparison. Using a gel with arginine for 14 days kept the neutral pH and salivary flow at normal levels without statistically significant differences from the control group.

KEY WORDS: caries, arginine, prebiotics, saliva, hydrogen-Ion concentration, flow rate.


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SÁNCHEZ, M. J. G.; ARAGÓN, M. O. H.; CEPEDA, B. J. A. & ARANDA, R. S. Evaluation of the effect of arginine gel on pH and salivary flow. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(4):989-996, 2021.


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