Evaluation of Explicit Guarantees in Oral Health in 60-year-old Population

2013 • Volume 7 • Issue 2

Cristóbal Quezada Peña; Daniela Muñoz Ávila; Alfredo Cueto Urbina & Alan Barraza Sáez



The Chilean reform created the Program of Explicit Guarantees in Health to safeguard the attention under guaranteed conditions of access, opportunity, financial protection and quality for prioritized situations such as oral health of the 60-year-old adult. Objective: To compare oral health and satisfaction between patient beneficiaries of the program of guaranteed oral health for 60 yearolds and non-beneficiaries. Methods: Case – control study. The participants were divided in cases (n=48) and control group (n=28). Clinical examination gathering the variables: sex, age, systemic declared diseases, educational level, use of prosthesis, indexes COPD, CPITN and O’Leary. To measure satisfaction, SERVPERF (the multidimensional scale not weighted) was used. Inference analysis by means of test of significance (c2 Pearson, Fisher´s, Mann-Whitney, Mood´s Medians and Kolmogorov-Smirnov with a confidence level of 95%) in the software SPSS19, Stata 10.1 and Minitab 15. In the oral measurements significant differences were found only in decay and COPD. There were no differences in the needs ofperiodontal treatment between the groups (p-value=0.615). The presence of removable prosthesis was statistically greater in the group of cases (OR=4.4 [1.6-12.5]); p-value=0.006). The health reform known as GES Complete Oral Health for 60-year-old adults, demonstrates to change the clinical parameters of the patient beneficiaries, focused on restoration with a significant increase of prosthesis and a decrease of cavities, but it does not achieve maintenance of periodontal health and management of risk factors. User satisfaction was good among the beneficiaries of the program.

KEY WORDS: oral health program, elderly, diagnosis, oral, dental care for elderly, patient satisfaction.


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QUEZADA, P. C.; MUÑOZ, A. D.; CUETO, U. A. & BARRAZA, S. A. Evaluation of explicit guarantees in oral health in 60-year-old Population. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(2):319-326, 2013.


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