Evaluation of Cardiovascular Parameters of ASA I and ASA II Patients Undergoing Dental Implant Surgery Under Intravenous Sedation with Midazolam: A Retrospective Analysis

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 4

Bernardo da Fonseca Orcina; Elcio de Oliveira; Alberto Fedeli Júnior; Henri Stuker & Rafael Saviolo Moreira



The purpose of this research was to compare the vital signs of ASA II patients undergoing dental implant surgery under intravenous anesthesia to those of ASA I patients. From a specialist course in Implant Dentistry, 41 medical records (22 ASA I and 19 ASA II patients) were analyzed. Age, gender, ASA classification, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation were all measured. Pre-surgery, following the onset of local anesthetic, at the end of the initial implant insertion, and at the end of surgery were all used to collect vital signs. Student’s t-test (p<0.05) was used to determine inter- and intra-group data associations. The crossing of operative moments pre-surgical and installation of the first implant in both systolic (p<=0.01) and diastolic (p<=0.03) pressure was statistically significant in ASA I patients. In contrast, there was only a statistical difference in the verification of peripheral oxygen saturation data at preoperative and local anesthesia times in ASA II patients (p<=0.04). When comparing the time of installation of the first implant (p<=0.03) and at the end of surgery (p<=0.02), with respect to systolic pressure, ASA II presented statistically higher, while variable oxygen saturation at the beginning of local anesthesia in ASA I was statistically higher (p<=0.04). It is proposed that intravenous sedation acts in a compensatory manner in patients with systemic disease, leading both groups’ behavior to be similar.

KEY WORDS: midazolam, surgery, oral, dental implantation, comorbidity, conscious sedation.


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ORCINA, B. F.; OLIVEIRA, E.; FEDELI JÚNIOR, A.; STUKER, H. & MOREIRA, R. S. Evaluation of cardiovascular parameters of ASA I and ASA II patients undergoing dental implant surgery under intravenous sedation with Midazolam: a retrospective analysis. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(4):451-456, 2023.


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