Effectiveness of Endodontic Retreatment Techniques in the Removal of Bioceramic Sealers as Root Filling Material: Systematic Review

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 1

Barría Rojas Eduardo; Maldonado Uribe Jorge; Rosas Méndez Cristián & Hernández-Vigueras ScarletteBarría Rojas Eduardo; Maldonado Uribe Jorge; Rosas Méndez Cristián & Hernández-Vigueras Scarlette



Non-surgical retreatment is the first option in the case of endodontic treatment failure, so it becomes important to ensure complete removal of the root canal filling material, to improve the prognosis of the procedure. Bioceramic cements based on calcium silicate have appeared in recent years, characterized mainly for their bioactivity, which can additionally translate into greater difficulty in their removal from the root canal. The aim of this review is to determine which retreatment technique is most effective in the removal of bioceramic sealer cements, evaluated through micro-CT image analysis. A systematic review was performed by searching for publications in Pubmed, ScienceDirect and SciELO databases, of the last 10 years in Spanish and English. Only in vitro studies of teeth filled with bioceramic cement and different endodontic retreatment techniques were included, in which the cleaning of the canal after removal of the filling was evaluated by micro-CT. From a total of 174 articles found, 7 were selected, analyzed and included in this systemic review. The results of the included studies did not find significant differences in the removal of material between the different retreatment techniques evaluated. Despite the heterogeneity in the methodologies of the studies, no retreatment technique or complementary techniques were able to completely clean the root canals, it is therefore suggested that new studies be carried out in the future to evaluate new techniques.

KEY WORDS: bioceramic, retreatment, micro-CT, endodontic sealers, silicate calcium.


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BARRÍA, R. E.; MALDONADO, U. J.; ROSAS, M. C. & HERNÁNDEZ-VIGUERAS, S. Effectiveness of endodontic retreatment techniques in the removal of bioceramic sealers as root filling material: Systematic review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(1):46-54, 2023.


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