Diurnal Variations of Salivary Cortisol Concentrations in Healthy Young Adults

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 2

Rolando Pablo Juárez & Armando César Celía



To determine the diurnal variations of salivary cortisol (sCORT) concentrations in healthy young adults. Descriptive cross-sectional research design. A total of 50 university students, with no history of physical or psychiatric disorders, collected samples of unstimulated whole saliva at home, in the morning (6:30-7:30 AM) and in the afternoon (4:00-6:00 PM). The CORTs were analyzed using chemiluminescence immunoassay. Statistical analysis was performed using Student’s t test and Pearson’s correlation coefficient. The mean CORTs value in the morning (0,29 ± 0,11 mg/dl) is significantly higher (t = 15,43, p <0,0001) compared to the afternoon (0,06 ± 0,03 mg/dl), with a very high coefficient of variability. The asymmetry (As) and kurtosis (K) in the evening (As = 3,10; K = 8,69) were greater than in the morning (As = 0,45; K = -1,07). The coefficients between CORTs-AM and CORTs-PM were significant (r = 0,36, p = 0,0106), but not between CORTs with age, BMI and gender. Intra- and inter-individual daily variability was high for all CORTs results. These results will facilitate the interpretation of the biological variability of CORTS in health and disease.

KEY WORDS: cortisol, saliva, young adult, circadian rhythm.


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JUÁREZ, R. P. & CELÍA, A. C. Diurnal Variations of Salivary Cortisol Concentrations in Healthy Young Adults. Int. J. Odontostomatol., 16(2):189-194, 2022.


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