Descriptive Study of Hospital System in Relation to Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment of Facial Trauma in the Hernan Henriquez Aravena Hospital of Temuco, Chile

2011 • Volume 5 • Issue 2

Felipe Martínez; Alejandro Unibazo; Andrés Almeida; Juan Pablo Alister Herdener & Sergio Olate



Maxillofacial trauma constitutes a series of injuries involving bone and soft tissues, causing functional and aesthetic alterations. The aim of this study is to determine the profile of patients subject surgical treatment for maxillofacial trauma in the halls of the Regional Hospital in Temuco. From the central database of statistics Hernan Henriquez Aravena Regional Hospital we obtained a total of 145 patients with maxillofacial trauma between 2008 and 2009. In the same database the data was obtained to determine the frequency by year, ethnicity, sex, age, form of payment, month, day, service, diagnosis of fracture, soft tissue management and treatment. In this study we found 28 cases diagnosed (19.3%), 35 fractures of zygomatic (24.1%), 17 orbital floor fractures (11.7%), 22 fractures of other bones of the skull (15, 2%), 21 fractures of the mandible (14.5%), 11 multiple facial fractures (7.6%), 3 fractures of the skull base (2.1%) and 8 others (5.5%). In conclusion we can say that zygomatic fractures is the most prevalent, and treatment performed most frequently is the reduction with multiple fixations.

KEY WORDS: surgical treatment, maxillofacial trauma, facial fractures.


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MARTÍNEZ, F.; UNIBAZO, A.; ALMEIDA, A.; ALISTER, H. J. P. & OLATE, S. Descriptive study of hospital system in relation to patients undergoing surgical treatment of facial trauma in the Hernan Henriquez Aravena Hospital of Temuco.Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(2):141-146, 2011.


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