Dental Autotransplantation Using Virtual Simulation and a Prototype 3D Printing Model

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 1

González-Quintanilla David; Juan Pablo Zamorano; Eduardo Mella; Nicole Pinto; Jorge Brisso; Nicole Rodriguez & Maximiliano Casa H.



The dental autotransplantation technique was devised as a therapeutic option for the loss or absence of teeth due to trauma, caries, agenesis, early exfoliation, iatrogenesis, or other factors. It consists of extracting a tooth from its original position to implant it in a single surgical act in an edentulous area, be it a postextraction socket or a surgically made socket. A successful result requires meticulous selection of candidates, for this, the absence of pathologies and local or systemic conditions that hinder adequate wound healing and tissue repair must be considered. New tools to facilitate clinical success, such as planning and virtual simulation, together with the printing of prototypes in three dimensions (3D), would allow possible osteotomies and an implantation of the donor tooth in an easy way and in minimal surgical times, favoring the decrease of surgical complexity, in addition to the repair and regeneration of pulp and periodontal tissues. The objective of this article is to gather a series of considerations to optimize the dental autotransplantation technique.

KEY WORDS: dental autotransplantation, virtual simulation, 3D printing.


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GONZÁLEZ-QUINTANILLA D.; ZAMORANO, J. P.; MELLA, E.; PINTO, N.; BRISSO, J.; RODRÍGUEZ, N. & CASA, H. M. Dental autotransplantation using virtual simulation and a prototype 3D printing model. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(1):271-277, 2021.


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