Correlation Between Clinical and Radiographic Diagnosis of Adult Subjects with Altered Passive Eruption

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

César-Augusto Padilla-Avalos; Fabiola Gutiérrez Romero; Consuelo Marroquín-Soto & Rafael Morales-Vadillo



The aim of the study was to determine the correlation between the clinical and radiographic diagnosis of adult subjects with altered passive eruption. The population consisted of the central incisors of quadrant I of 30 adult subjects. Two clinical measurements were recorded: length of clinical crown and distance from the gingival margin (GM) to the cementum enamel junction (CEJ); and 2 radiographic measurements: length of anatomical crown and distance from the GM-CEJ. To diagnose APE, the average of the subtraction between anatomical crown and clinical crown was compared; with the hypothetical value (≥ 2.5 mm according to Zucchelli). The population were: 36.7 % incisors of male subjects and 63.3 % female; with the average age of 25.17 years. Clinically, the average was 8.5 mm for clinical crown length and 2,267 mm for GM-CEJ probing. Radiographically, the average 10.767 mm was obtained for the length of the radiographic crown and 2.47 mm for GM-CEJ. According to Spearman’s Rho, the GM-CEJ (clinical) probing with GM-CEJ (radiographic) does not show a statistically significant correlation (p = 0.227), however, when comparing the average (2.48 mm) with the hypothetical value (≥ 2.5 mm) according to the t-test of a sample, it is determined that there is no statistically significant difference (p = 0.864) between both results. The radiography with Zucchelli technique is an excellent alternative for an adequate differential diagnosis of altered passive eruption; in a simple, economical and reproducible way for the benefit of clinicians and patients.

KEY WORDS: dental eruption, dental crown, gingival, epithelial attachment.


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PADILLA-AVALOS, C. A.; GUTIÉRREZ, R. F.; MARROQUÍN-SOTO, C. & MORALES-VADILLO, R. Correlation between clinical and radiographic diagnosis of adult subjects with altered passive eruption. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(3):681-687, 2021.


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