Comparison of the Retention of Conventional Dentures after the use of Common Adhesive Brands on Poor Denture Foundations. An in vitro Study

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 2

José Zacarías Jaime Flores-León; Rubén Abraham Domínguez-Pérez; Héctor Ernesto Ruíz-Valdez; Carolina Sámano-Valencia; Juan Pablo Loyola-Rodríguez & Eduardo Castro-Ruiz



There is no information about the possible impact in denture retention after the use of common denture adhesives (DAs) when poor denture foundations (PDF) are present. Moreover, there is a lack of information about which current formulation provides greater retention and for how long. Twelve models from edentulous patients with different ridge shape and border height were used and complete dentures were manufactured. Four different formulation brands of DAs were tested after 10 minutes and three, six, nine, and 12 hours of DA application using a universal testing machine. The Fittydent® and Fixodent® adhesives had the highest retention at 12 hours. The PDF group increased on average its retention by 400 %. However, the group presented lower retention compared to the good denture foundation group. In conclusion, DAs significantly increased denture retention. The PDF group were the most benefited with the application of DAs. The Fixodent® paste had the highest retention.

KEY WORDS: denture adhesives, retention, poor denture foundation, good denture foundation.


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FLORES-LEÓN, J. Z. J.; DOMÍNGUEZ-PÉREZ, R. A.; RUÍZ-VALDEZ, H. E.; SÁMANO-VALENCIA, C.; LOYOLARODRÍGUEZ, J. P. & CASTRO-RUIZ, E. Comparison of the retention of conventional dentures after the use of common adhesive brands on poor denture foundations. An in vitro study. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(2):236-241, 2020.


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