Comparison of the Quality of Root Obturation between the Calamus Thermo Plasticized System and the Cold Lateral Compaction

2012 • Volume 6 • Issue 2

Aracena Rojas, S.; Bustos Medina, L.; Alcántara Dufeu, R.; Aguilera Pino, O.; Aracena Ghisellini, A. & Luengo Pedreros, P.



The aim of this work was to establish the differences in the quality of the root obturation between the Calamus thermo plasticized gutta-percha technique, and the cold lateral compaction technique, when universal protaper gutta percha cones are used. A quasi-experimental “in vitro” investigation was developed, using a not probabilistic sample of 80 single rooted teeth whose conducts were instrumented by the Manual Protaper Universal system. They where then randomly divided in two groups of 40 each .The first group was filled with Calamus system and the second group with the lateral compaction system. The samples were submitted to the test of apical filtration for diffusion of dyes, diafanized and cut transversely for radiographic and microscopic evaluation.The information was analyzed by Fisher’s exact test. The lateral compaction technique obtained a more efficient seal of the root canals than the Calamus system (p=0.229). On the other hand the Calamus thermo platicized system presented a better adjustment of the gutta-percha mass, only at the middle third (p=0.037) and a minor presence of vacuoles in the whole conduct (p=0.020), being both statistically significant differences. In addition, the Calamus system, presented both, a major quantity of accessory canals filled and a mayor number of leaked roots, but these differences were not significant. The system of lateral compaction demonstrated to be more efficient than the Calamus thermo plasticized technique, but these differences were not significant.

KEY WORDS: endodontic, root canal obturation, root canal therapy.


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ARACENA ROJAS, D.; BUSTOS MEDINA, L.; ALCÁNTARA DUFEU, R.; AGUILERA PINO, O.; ARACENA GHISELLINI, A. & LUENGO PEDROSO, P. Comparison of the quality of root obturation between the Calamus thermo plasticized system and the cold lateral compaction. Int. J. Odontostomat., 6(2):115-121, 2012.


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