Comparative Study of Therapy with Melissa Officinalis vs. Conventional Topical Treatment with 5% Acyclovir in Type 1 Herpes Lesions

2014 • Volume 8 • Issue 3

Amin B, Fernanda; Oliva M, Patricio



Herpes simplex type I is an infectious viral and inflammatory disease type which is characterized by the appearance of extra- oral ulcerative lesions of approximately 14 days that cause severe itching and discomfort for those who have the lesions. The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) as an alternative therapy on remission time and the number of extra oral lesions in patients with herpes simplex compared with topical 5% acyclovir and conventional therapy. A clinical, randomized and single-blind, controlled trial study was carried out. Thirty-four patients were evaluated with active extra- oral herpetic vesicular lesions in primary stage, without pathologies associated with immune system disorders such as diabetes mellitus, allergies and hypertension. They were given topical treatment and herpetic lesions were evaluated daily. Melissa officinalis has an antiviral effect on type 1 herpes lesions as 5% topical acyclovir, Melissa officinalis but is more effective in the reduction of days with herpetic lesions (p value <0.05). In conclusion, Melissa officinalis has a positive antiviral effect on type 1 herpes lesions, reducing the total number of days with herpetic lesions compared with topical 5% acyclovir.

KEY WORDS: herpes simplex type 1, viral disease, ulcerative lesions, Melissa officinalis, topical acyclovir, antiviral.


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AMIN, B. F. & OLIVA, M. P. Comparative study of therapy with Melissa officinalis vs. conventional topical treatment with 5% acyclovir in type 1 Herpes lesions. Int. J. Odontostomat., 8(3):323-328, 2014.


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