Clinical and Radiographic Findings of Third Molars with Extractions Indications. Preliminary Results

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Olate, Sergio; Alister, Juan Pablo; Alveal, Ricardo; Thomas, David; Soto, Marcelo; Mancilla, Pedro; Ceballos, Mónica



The most frequent oral surgeries in the world are the extractions of the third molars (3Ms). The extraction indications vary as some of them are yet controversial.
A complete research program was designed on the status of 3Ms with extraction indications. Onehundredfiftyeight 3Ms corresponding to 145 patients were evaluated. The patients included in this investigation arrived at a private surgical centre, a public centre of odontologic specialties and at the university clinic voluntarily .

The relation men : women was 0,56:1 and the average age of the consulting patient was between 18 and 25 years of age. Almost 70% of the patients were diverted to the minor odontologic centre, 43% presented pain justifying the consultation, 23% presented pericoronitis and 27% experienced caries. The pain was significantly associated with the age of the patient (p < 0,05). The majority of the molars were “semi erupted” (35%) and in vertical position (44%).

KEY WORDS: third molar, wisdom teeth, oral surgery, epidemiology.


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OLATE, S.; ALISTER, J. P.; ALVEAL, R.; THOMAS, D.; SOTO, M.; MANCILLA, P. & CEBALLOS, M. Clinical and radiographic findings of third molars with extractions indicarions. Preliminary results. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(1):29-34, 2007.


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