Clinical and Imaging Changes with Non-Invasive Therapies in Temporomandibular Joints with Degenerative Joint Disease

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

Gustavo Moncada; Constanza Valdés; Montserrat Casals; Carlos Marholz; Valeria Ramirez & Clemente Prieto



The objective of this study was to describe clinical and imaging changes of non-invasive therapies applied to patients with degenerative bone disorders of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). To carry out this study, 25 patients with degenerative bone disorders of TMJ without previous treatment at the time of diagnosis, were evaluated. Non-invasive treatment was performed and one year later they were evaluated according to clinical and imaging criteria DC/TMD and Ahmad. Results were presented by descriptive statistics, odds ratio, confidence interval, comparisons of means, and correlations. 50 TMJs, 72 % women, (32.2 years mean of age) were studied. Significant improvement was observed in the parameters: pain (p=0.0001), synovitis (p=0.001), and increased sclerosis of the bone trabeculae (p=0,051) at one-year post-treatment. After one year of the establishment of non-invasive therapies in patients with degenerative joint disease of TMJ, it was observed positive changes, both clinical and imaging, reducing painful symptomatology, limiting effect on the progression of degenerative bone damage, and recovery of synovitis cases.

KEY WORDS: TMJ, degenerative bone disease, non-invasive therapy.


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MONCADA, G.; VALDÉS, C.; CASALS, C.; MARHOLZ, C.; RAMIREZ, V. & PRIETO, C. Clinical and imaging changes with non-invasive therapies in temporomandibular joints with degenerative joint disease. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(3):712-718, 2021.


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