Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics in patients diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome at a Four Level Hospital

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 4

María Alejandra Ruiz-Farfán; Gustavo Javier Icaza-Latorre; Yesid Junior Wilches-Cortina; Renán Benicio Quintero-Correa; Adriana Rodríguez-Ciodaro; Oscar de León-Rodríguez & Silvia Barrientos-Sánchez



Sjögren syndrome is the second most common chronic autoimmune disease, environmental and hereditary mechanisms causes an autoimmune epithelitis that affect the exocrine glandular tissue mainly, but also other organs; because this broad spectrum of clinical characteristics, the diagnostic and treatment become a challenge. Studies has shown that 0.1-0.6 % of the population is affected, with predominance of females over males (9:1). In Colombia there are few descriptive epidemiological studies and characterization of the affected population. Clinical and epidemiological characterization of Sjögren syndrome patients. A descriptive cross-sectional observational study was conducted, 409 clinical histories of patients with the syndrome at San Ignacio University Hospital from 2012 to 2019 were analized. The data collected were subjected to a descriptive statistic. The average age of diagnosis was 59 years, the ratio female: male 9:1 (91.7 % and 8.3 % respectively), the highest frequency of the syndrome was found in the 51 to 60 years old group (131) followed by the 61 to 70 years old group (114). The most common clinical manifestation was xerostomia (90 %), minor salivary gland biopsy was the most frequent test requested (65 %). The osseoarticular involvement was the most frecuent concomitant disease. Although the etiology of Sjögren syndrome is little known, its characterization, as well as the identification of the diagnostic and therapeutic means used, is of great help in understanding the disease; this information will allow the development of increasingly effective and specific treatments. More studies are required, in different locations, which will highlight the differences between populations.

KEY WORDS: salivary glands, keratoconjunctivitis, Sjögren syndrome, xerostomy, xerophthalmia.


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RUIZ-FARFÁN, M. A.; ICAZA-LATORRE, G. J.; WILCHES-CORTINA, Y. J.; QUINTERO-CORREA, R. B.; RODRÍGUEZ-CIODARO, A.; DE LEÓN-RODRÍGUEZ, O. & BARRIENTOS-SÁNCHEZ, S. Clinical and epidemiological characteristics in patients diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome at a four level Hospital. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(4):475-482, 2022.


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