Characterization of Dentoalveolar Trauma that Affects the Supporting Tissues in Primary Teeth

2012 • Volume 6 • Issue 2

Ávila Rivera, Claudia; Cueto Urbina, Alfredo; González Ríos, Jenniffer



The purpose of pursuing this research is to evaluate the distribution of dentoalveolar trauma in time by gender, age, etiology, where the injury occurs, diagnosis of trauma, and treatment affected teeth done. The sample corresponds to 207 children benefiting from pediatric dentist referral center Simon Bolivar, ages 1 to 7 years who suffered dentoalveolar trauma of the anterior teeth during the years 2005-2007 which corresponds according to the classification proposed by Andreasen, injuries affecting the tooth supporting tissue, including: subluxation, lateral luxation, intrusive luxation, extrusive luxation and avulsion. The results obtained allow us to observe a higher percentage of trauma to the male gender with 60% being the most common age between 4 and 6, the upper central incisors are the teeth most affected (39-40%). The most common etiology corresponds to a 25% fall, this being more prevalent in school or kindergarten (20%). As for the diagnosis of dentoalveolar trauma subluxation the majority are present in 53% of cases. The control and indication is the treatment most used in these dentoalveolar traumas.

KEY WORDS: dental trauma, primary teeth.


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ÁVILA, R. C.; CUETO, U. A. & GONZÁLEZ, R. J. Characterization of dentoalveolar trauma that affects the supporting tissues in primary teeth. Int. J. Odontostomat., 6(2):157-161, 2012.


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