Characteristics of Middle Face Trauma treated in an Emergency Unit of the Barros Luco Healthcare Unit

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 1

Alfio Secchi A.; Joaquín Vázquez D.; Jorge Moreno V.; Felipe Astorga M. & Pablo Amorín T.



Maxillofacial Trauma (TMF) is a frequent pathology nowadays and presents a global health problem for specialized trauma centers and the multidisciplinary teams involved in its management and treatment (neurology, maxillofacial, otolaryngology, ophthalmology). The objective of this study is to characterize the patients seen in a hospital in the southern sector of Santiago, Chile, identifying their social and clinical factors, classifying the main types of fracture at the level of the facial third middle. A retrospective observational study was conducted with the Emergency Care Data (DAU) of the patients attended in the Dental Service of the Emergency Unit of the Barros Luco Assistance Complex (CABL), extracting the sex, age, commune of Origin, etiology of the trauma, categorization according to the “Emergency Severity Index” evaluation time and compromised bone structures of patients with diagnosis of Fracture in the Third Facial Mid-Section. Point estimators of percentage, mean and standard deviation were used to represent the variables. The significance of the relationship of independent variables was calculated, with a value of p <0.05 statistically significant for the sample size. Mainly affected population corresponded to men versus women (2.4: 1), and between the second and third decade of life. Main etiology identified were accidents at home (n = 33), followed by assaults (n = 55). Most of the patients entered with a risk of C4 (n = 107) and C3 (n = 64). The most frequent fracture was nasal (46 %), followed by an orbital complex (11.3 %) and a zygomatic arch (7.9 %). It is necessary to keep the epidemiology of TMF up to date considering the complexity of its early management and morbidities in the medium and long term.

KEY WORDS: etiology, fracture, midface, trauma.


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SECCHI, A. A.; VÁZQUEZ, D. J.; MORENO, V. J.; ASTORGA, M. F. & AMORÍN, T. P. Characteristics of middle face trauma treated in an emergency unit of the Barros Luco Healthcare Unit. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(1):94-101, 2021.


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