Bioresorbable Bioactive Osteosynthesys (Hidroxiapatite / Poly L-lactide) in Le Fort I Segmented Osteotomy

2018 • Volume 12 • Issue 2

Sergio Olate; Alejandro Unibazo; Francisca Uribe; Juan Pablo Alister & Felipe Martínez



The aim of this paper is to show a clinical case, where was used an innovative osteosynthesys system based on the mixture of hidroxiapatite (HA) and polilactic acid (PLLA). The patient was admitted into Abraham González Peña Hospital (Chile), showing a facial deformity to treat with monomaxillary orthognathic surgery for advance and transversal increase of the maxilla.; were used type L plates and 5 mm screws of HA/PLLA for the internal fixation, performing the surgery without complications; the technical process and the ALTA hospital was realized in a conventional strategy. Was realized a literature review showing the versatility, safe and stability of bone segment when used this innovative material and it´s concluded that this osteosynthesis system can be used normally in maxillofacial surgery; a learning curve to learn about this material is needed by surgeons.

KEY WORDS: hydroxyapatite, absorbable plate, osteoconductive osteosynthesis.


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OLATE, S.; UNIBAZO, A.; URIBE, F.; ALISTER, J.P.; MARTINEZ, F. Bioresorbable bioactive osteosynthesys (Hidroxiapatite / Poly L-lactide) in Le Fort I segmented osteotomy. Int. J. Odontostomat., 12(2):137-141, 2018.


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