Biomethrics Study of the Retromolar Pad

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 1

López, Farias Bernarda; Suazo, Galdamez Iván; Cantín, López Mario & Sandoval, Marchant Catherine



The retromolar pad is a mucosal formation that is used for determining the height of the occlusal plane. The present study analyzes the biometric characteristics of 81 retromolars pad, maximum longitudinal and transverse diameters were measured and classified according to shape. The maximum transverse diameter present an average of 7.94 mm (SD 2.09), while the maximum longitudinal diameter average was 11.202 mm (SD 2.5089), there were no significant differences between the average obtained on the right and left side retromolar pad (p<0.05). The 53.1% was classified as oval (N = 43), 29.6% rounded (N = 24) and 17.3% as triangular (N = 14).

KEY WORDS: retromolar pad, occlusal plane, piriformis papilla.


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LÓPEZ, F. B.; SUAZO, G. I.; CANTÍN, L. M. & SANDOVAL, M. C. Biomethrics study of the retromolar pad. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(1):39-42, 2008.


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