Assessment of Subgingival Biofilm and its Relationship with the Status of Tumors in a Population with Breast Cancer

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 4

Maria da Conceição Machado Gomes; Roberto Silva Ribeiro Júnior; Tatiana Massariol Pimenta; Bárbara da Silva Martins; Mayara Rodrigues, Waniara Aguilar, Diandra Zipinotti Santos; Magda Feres Figueiredo; Guilherme da Rocha Scalzer Lopes; Jefferson David Melo de Matos; Marco Antonio Bottino; Alfredo Feitosa & Leticia Batista Azevedo Rangel



This study aimed to compare the subgingival microbiota of subjects with and without breast cancer (BC). Patients with BC (Group 1; n= 50) and without BC (Group 2; n=50) with periodontitis (A) and without periodontitis (B). The study was conducted in two phases (P1 and P2). One biofilm sample was collected from each subject and analyzed by DNA-DNA Hybridization (Checkerboard DNA-DNA). The relative abundance of the subgingival microbiota differed between the Case and Control groups. However, some species were higher in patients in the Case than in Control subjects and differed between the groups in both phases. Composition of the subgingival microbial community according to the Socransky complex was related to periodontal disease, followed by clinical attachment of level (CAL≥4mm), age, and tooth loss, which were found to be abundant in Cases when compared with controls. Patients with Tumor Grade II and III had a higher prevalence of tooth loss and CAL≥4mm. It was concluded that in individuals with BC, the sub-gingival microbiota exhibited atypical changes, but they developed periodontal disease.

KEY WORDS: subgingival microbiota, periodontal disease, breast tumors, DNA-DNA hybridization, dental research.


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GOMES, M. C. M.; RIBEIRO JÚNIOR, R. S.; PIMENTA, T. M.; MARTINS, B. S.; RODRIGUES, M.; AGUILAR, W.; SANTOS, D. Z.; FIGUEIREDO, M. F.; LOPES, G. R. S.; MATOS, J. D. M.; BOTTINO, M. A.; FEITOSA, A.; RANGEL, L. B. A. Assessment of subgingival biofilm and its relationship with the status of tumors in a population with breast cancer. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(4):511-522, 2023.


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