Allergic Reactions in Orthodontic Patients: A Review

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 1

Layla Beatriz Barroso de Alencar; Samara Crislâny Araújo de Sousa; Ismael Lima Silva; Vitória Freitas de Araújo; Elaine Bezerra de Oliveira; Davson Tadeu Almeida Fonseca Filho; Maria Carolina Bandeira Macena & Fátima Roneiva Alves Fonseca



Allergic reactions are host immune responses to endogenous or exogenous antigens, which can result in local and systemic problems. Among the main allergens are the dental materials used in orthodontics, which faces some challenges with regard to biocompatibility with oral tissues.This study aimed to analyze in the literature which materials used in orthodontics are related to the appearance of oral and perioral allergic reactions, as well as to investigate the most prevalent manifestations.An integrative review was carried out with articles published between 2010 and 2020 on the PubMed, Embase, and ScienceDirect on-line database. For this, MeSH descriptors and synonyms were used following two semantic fields: “Hypersensitivity” in association with “Orthodontic Appliances”, the selection of studies counted with the stages of identification, screening, eligibility and inclusion. Randomized clinical trials, cross-sectional or cohort clinical trials; Patients with allergic reactions affecting the oral or perioral region due to contact with orthodontic material, were included in the review.From a total of 549 articles only 04 were selected for the study. In accordance with what has been analyzed in the evidence of these studies, periodontal changes such as gingival inflammation as well as erythema, edema, papules and blisters were the main reactions described. Furthermore, in all articles there was an association with nickel and in only one with chromium. It is possible to infer that inflammatory lesions are frequent manifestations on the use of nickel in orthodontic patients.

KEY WORDS: allergic reaction; orthodontics; biomedical and dental materials.


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ALENCAR, L. B. B.; SOUSA, S. C. A.; SILVA, I. L.; ARAÚJO, V. F.; OLIVEIRA, E. B.; FONSECA FILHO, D. T. A.; MACENA, M. C. B. & FONSECA, F. R. A. Allergic reactions in orthodontic patients: A review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(1):132-136, 2021.


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