Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor in Maxilla: A Report Case and Review of the Literature

2011 • Volume 5 • Issue 1

Velasco I.; Aguilar L. & Venables C.



Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor is a benign neoplasm in the new classification of odontogenic tumors of 2005. This lesion is often slow growing but progressive and noninvasive. This report describes a 17-yearold female patient with an adenomatoid odontogenic tumor follicular subtype in the anterior maxillary region compromising the left maxillary canine. This article also provides a refresher for the health professionals on its diagnosis and management according to recent findings in this pathology.

KEY WORDS: odontogenic tumors, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, maxillar.


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VELASCO, I.; AGUILAR, L. & VENABLES, C. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in maxilla: a report case and review of the literature. Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(1):65-69, 2011.


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