A Report of the interdisciplinary education approach within the universidad de La Frontera Dental Curriculum

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 1

Yanela Aravena Rivas; Marcela Huanquilef Arriagada; Manuel Arellano Villalón; Javiera Nuñez Contreras & Ramón Fuentes Fernández



Interprofessional education has become widely recognised as fundamental to educate new generations of dentists able to successfully join the dental public and private sectors and provide appropriate dental treatment to complex patients in a complex health system. This article presents the innovated curriculum of the dentistry course at Universidad de La Frontera describing its interprofessional education components. The description of IPE in the dental curriculum was done using Institutional documents. The university vocational training policy provides the framework in which IPE is implemented in undergraduate courses. Six out of eight dental curriculum components included IPE in their educational methodologies: ‘Integrated units’, ‘Culture, society and mankind’, ‘Prevention’, ‘Professional Projections’, ‘Integrated clinics’, and ‘Professional Practice’. IPE is present thorough the dental course from first to final year and it takes different forms within each component. IPE is one of the methodologies used to achieve the learning outcomes stated in the curriculum. Passing through all modules of the dental curriculum leads to the development of generic and professional skills that allow students to obtain their professional title.

KEY WORDS: Dental education, Interprofessional relations, Professional education, Dental Schools.


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ARAVENA, R. Y.; HUANQUILEF, A. M.; ARELLANO, V. M.; NUÑEZ, C. J. & FUENTES, F. R. A report of the interdisciplinary education approach within the universidad de La Frontera Dental Curriculum. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(1):300-305, 2021.


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