A Radiographic Comparison of Two Methods of Hand and Automated Instrumentation for Preparations of Simulated Curved Root Canals

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 4

Kalena Melo Maranhão & Ana Cassia Reis



The present study evaluated the presence of apical deviation and tapering in preparations performed with the use of the automated handpieces with continuous motion, the K3 Endo system (Group 1) and instrumentation manually with Protaper (Group 2). 30 simulated roots were divided into two groups and prepared according each technique. The alteration caused by root canal preparation was analyzed by radiographs obtained on a radiographic desk fabricated for the study. The results (X2), demonstrated that the K3 Endo produced a smaller incidence of apical deviation and Protaper produced a greater tapering of the root canals.

KEY WORDS: root canal preparation, apical deviation, endodontics instruments.


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MARANHÃO, K. M. & REIS, A. C. A radiographic comparison of two methods of hand and automated instrumentation for preparations of simulated curved root canals. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(4):493-496, 2019.


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