A New Alternative for the Creation of Papillae in Immediate Loading Implants: Case Report

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 2

Britto Ebert Falcón-Guerrero



The aim of this paper is to evaluate the clinical success of a new alternative to create papillae in immediate load implants, which was performed in a 26-yearold female patient. The treatment was started with the preparation of a surgical guide, prior to the manipulation of tissues to create the peri-implant papillae. In the surgery, two semilunar incisions are made, joined by a perpendicular incision, which when sutured on them allowed to create the papillae. An implant with good primary stability is installed and the impression is taken for rehabilitation. At 24 h a screwed crown is installed, showing the presence of the papillae immediately. Controls are performed up to 20 months of function, demonstrating good stability of the mesial and distal papillae without presenting any type of complication.

KEY WORDS: immediate dental implant loading, dental implants, dental papilla.


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FALCÓN-GUERRERO, B. E. A new alternative for the creation of papillae in immediate loading implants: case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(2):203-206, 2019.


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