Sports Supplement Induces Dental Structure Corrosion: An in vitro Pilot Study

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 3

Lucas Thomazotti Berard; Izabel Fernanda Machado; João Pedro dos Santos Ferreira Moreira de Pinho; Reinaldo Brito e Dias & Neide Pena Coto



Dietary supplements are being consumed with an increasingly high frequency among sports practitioners, whether at professional and/or amateur level. The supplements contain some nutritional properties in their composition, so they can dissolute the hydroxyapatite crystals of the enamel and favor the process of dental corrosion. The objective was to measure the corrosive power of protein-based supplementation (Whey Protein), under conditions that resemble the use of the supplement by the athletes, increasing the ecological validity of the study. The teeth of the test group (TG) were placed in contact with the Whey protein solution and then exposed to artificial saliva. And the teeth of the control group (CG) were exposed only to artificial saliva. The analysis occurred in natural healthy molar teeth, so that each tooth of the TG was immersed in 50 mL of supplement for 1.5 minutes and then placed in contact with the artificial saliva for 30 seconds. The same procedure was performed 5 times a day for 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 days. Each group, in its time (TG0 to TG180), underwent analysis of superficial roughness with the aid of optical profilometer (Talysurf CCI®, 3D model). The control group (CG) did not change its superficial roughness. Half of the teeth of the test group (TG) suffered loss of enamel surface. The values, in micrometers, of surface loss of the TG samples were 1.21; 2.1; 2.0; 1.04; 0.97; 0.8; 0.53; 1.14; 1.9; 2.0; 1.66; 1.80. The dietary supplement (Whey protein®) may be a potential cause of the dental corrosion process, considering the demineralization of hydroxyapatite that occurs along with the surface enamel loss.

KEY WORDS: dental etching, erosive potencial, desmineralization.


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BERARD, L. T.; MACHADO, I. F.; PINHO, J. P. S. F. M.; DIAS, R. B. & COTO, N. P. Sports supplement induces dental structure corrosion: An in vitro pilot study. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(3):442-447, 2020.


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