Skeletal Maturation Determination by Cervical Vertebral Assessment Method and its Relationship with Dentoskeletal Class II Treatment Opportunity

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 1

Zaror, Quintana Rodrigo & Paniagua, Bravo Hernán



The aim of this study was to update concepts about craniofacial development and maturation indexes. Usually, the hand wrist radiograph has been used as diagnostic complement for skeletal maturation.This means in a regular basis more exposure to radiation, more documents in patients file and obviously higher costs in complementary diagnostic tools.The cervical vertebral maturation method emphasizes the diagnosis in three cervical vertebrae (C2-C3-C4) usually seen in regular Lateral radiographs used in Orthodontics.There are six stages of maturation wich are linked to craniofacial development and specifically to mandibular growths peak. This method is a useful diagnostic tool in the treatment timing for orthodontic – orthopedic therapies usually associated to Class II anomalies.

KEY WORDS: cervical vertebral skeletal maturation, Class II malocclusion.


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ZAROR, Q. R. & PANIAGUA, B. H. Skeletal maturation determination by cervical vertebral assessment method and its relationship with dentoskeletal Class II treatment opportunity. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(1):27-31, 2008.


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