Maxillary Repositioning and Reconstruction with Iliac Crest Graft. Part 1. Indications and Surgical Technique

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 1

Olate, Sergio; Klüppel, Leandro Eduardo; Chaves-Netto, de Miranda Enrique Duque; Jaimes, Miguel; Albergaria-Barbosa, José Ricardo & Mazzonetto, Renato



Despite solve the implant installation and prosthesis rehabilitation the actual implant are also used to solve other disorders. This way, restore the facial symmetry lost has to be transcendent criteria when choosing a treatment. With this principle, aesthetic becomes a major point in our therapy, correlating it with the stomatognathic system function. The meaning of the present article is discuss some concepts associated with the reconstruction of the atrophic maxillas and established its relation with dentofacial deformities. It was performed a literature review of some points that we consider relevant when choosing a treatment planning and showing one of ours clinical case to exemplify.

KEY WORDS: osseointegrated implants, facial aesthetic, maxilla atrophy, LeFort I osteotomy.


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OLATE, S.; KLÜPPEL, L. E.; CHAVES-NETTO, M. H. D.; JAIMES, M.; ALBERGARIA-BARBOSA, J. R. & MAZZONETTO, R. Maxillary repositioning and reconstruction with iliac crest graft. Part 1 – Indications and surgical technique. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(1):43-52, 2008.


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