Intrusive Dislocation in Permanent Teeth: Review of Literature and Clinical Case Report

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 1

Renata de Almeida Braga; Willian Douglas França Braga; Caroline Felipe Magalhães Girelli; Mariane Floriano Lopes Lacerda; Renato Girelli Coelho & Rafael Binato Junqueira



Intrusive dislocation is an unusual and severe trauma, where the tooth is displaced axially into the alveolar bone, causing damage to the periodontal and pulpal tissues. The objective was to report a case of intrusive dislocation on a right maxillary central incisor of a 12-year-old patient, where the proposed treatment was immediate surgical repositioning. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed partial tooth intrusion and complete root formation. The impacted tooth was surgically repositioned and immobilized. Subsequently, the endodontic treatment of the tooth associated with intracanal medication was performed. After 10 months of successive calcium hydroxide changes, the root canal system was filled. Clinical-radiographic follow-ups were performed over 5 years and 7 months, revealing discrete root resorption. It was concluded that immediate surgical repositioning, associated with adequate root canal therapy may be an effective therapeutic option in cases of intrusive dislocation of permanent teeth.

KEY WORDS: intrusion, dental trauma, surgical repositioning.


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BRAGA, R. A.; BRAGA, W. D. F.; GIRELLI, C. F. M.; LACERDA, M. F. L.; COELHO, R. G. & JUNQUEIRA, R. B. Intrusive dislocation in permanent teeth: Review of literature and clinical case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(1):89-92, 2019.


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